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Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCB with 25mil and 50mil Coating Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin and Immersion Silver

Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCB with 25mil and 50mil Coating Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin and Immersion Silver

  • Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCB with 25mil and 50mil Coating Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin and Immersion Silver
Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCB with 25mil and 50mil Coating Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin and Immersion Silver
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise Limited
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-0301-V3.01
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE
Price: USD2 .99-7.99 per piece
Packaging Details: VACUUM
Delivery Time: 8-9 WORKING DAY
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE PER MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Board Material: Double Layer Adhesive RA Copper 35um, Polyimide 25um Board Thickness: 0.20 Mm
Surface/Inner Layer Cu Thickness: 35 µm Surface Finish: Immersion Gold
Coverlay Colour: Yellow Color Of Silkscreen: N/A
Function: 100% Pass Electrical Test Number Of Layers: 2

Today, we embark on a journey to explore a standout member of the Rogers RO3000 series - the RO3210 high frequency PCB material. What sets this material apart is its remarkable mechanical stability, making it the star of our discussion. Join us as we delve into the distinctive features and properties of RO3210, a cost-effective solution that delivers unrivaled electrical performance alongside enhanced mechanical stability.


An Overview of RO3210 Material Data Sheet:
Let's begin our exploration by delving into the data sheet of RO3210, which paints a vivid picture of its fundamental properties:


Dielectric Constant and Dissipation Factor:
RO3210 boasts an impressive dielectric constant (DK) of 10.2 and a low dissipation factor of 0.0027 at 10 GHz and 23 ℃. These tightly controlled tolerances ensure optimal signal transmission and minimal signal loss, elevating its RF performance.


Thermal Coefficient of Dielectric Constant (TCDk):
Regrettably, RO3210 exhibits a less favorable temperature stability with a TCDk value of -459 ppm/℃. As a result, it may not be the ideal choice for applications exposed to significant temperature variations, such as automotive electronics or 5G base stations.


Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity:
RO3210 shines in terms of volume resistivity and surface resistivity, falling within the range of most printed circuit board materials. These impressive properties contribute to reliable electrical performance, ensuring a dependable foundation for your circuits.


Moisture Absorption:
With a moisture absorption rate of less than 0.1%, RO3210 triumphs in resisting moisture-induced changes in dielectric constant and dissipation factor. This remarkable attribute guarantees consistent RF performance across diverse environmental conditions, promoting stability and reliability.


Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat:
RO3210 exhibits an acceptable thermal conductivity of 0.81 W/mK and a specific heat value of 0.79 J/g/K. While not groundbreaking, these characteristics provide adequate thermal attributes for a wide range of applications.


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE):
RO3210 showcases a low in-plane CTE of 13 ppm/°C in the X and Y directions, akin to that of copper. This compatibility makes it a favorable choice for epoxy multi-layer board hybrid designs, facilitating reliable surface-mounted assemblies that stand the test of time.


Decomposition Temperature and Density:
With a decomposition temperature surpassing 500 °C and a density of 3 g/cm³, RO3210 exemplifies resilience and stability in demanding operational scenarios, ensuring longevity and durability for your electronic assemblies.


Flammability and Environmental Compliance:
RO3210 meets UL-94V0 flammability standards, guaranteeing its safety in applications where fire resistance is paramount. Additionally, it embraces a lead-free and environmentally friendly composition, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices that prioritize our planet's well-being.


RO3210 high frequency PCB material emerges as an exceptional choice, combining enhanced mechanical stability, reliable electrical performance, and adherence to industry standards. Although its temperature stability may restrict its application in specific contexts, RO3210 remains unparalleled for a wide spectrum of RF circuit designs. By harnessing the extraordinary properties of RO3210, engineers can achieve optimal performance and longevity in their electronic assemblies, propelling innovation forward while maintaining steadfast reliability.


Property Typical Value RO3210 Direction Unit Condition Test Method
Dielectric Constant, er Process 10.2± 0.50 Z - 10 GHz 23°C IPC-TM-650
Clamped Stripline
Dielectric Constant, er Design 10.8 Z - 8 GHz - 40 GHz Differential Phase Length Method
Dissipation Factor, tan d 0.0027 Z - 10 GHz 23°C IPC-TM-650
Thermal Coefficient of er -459 Z ppm/°C 10 GHz 0-100°C IPC-TM-650
Dimensional Stability 0.8 X,Y mm/m COND A ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity 103   MW•cm COND A IPC
Surface Resistivity 103   MW COND A IPC
Tensile Modulus 579
MD CMD kpsi 23°C ASTM D638
Water Absorption <0.1 - % D24/23 IPC-TM-650
Specific Heat 0.79   J/g/K   Calculated
Thermal Conductivity 0.81 - W/m/K 80°C ASTM C518
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (-55 to 288 °C) 13
X,Y Z ppm/°C 23°C/50% RH IPC-TM-650 2.4.41
Td 500   °C TGA ASTM D3850
Density 3.0   gm/cm3    
Color Off White        
Flammability V-0       UL 94
Lead Free Process Compatible YES        

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