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RO4835 High Frequency PCB layer 10mil 20mil 30mil 60mil With Immersion Gold Silver Tin

RO4835 High Frequency PCB layer 10mil 20mil 30mil 60mil With Immersion Gold Silver Tin

  • RO4835 High Frequency PCB layer 10mil 20mil 30mil 60mil With Immersion Gold Silver Tin
  • RO4835 High Frequency PCB layer 10mil 20mil 30mil 60mil With Immersion Gold Silver Tin
RO4835 High Frequency PCB layer 10mil 20mil 30mil 60mil With Immersion Gold Silver Tin
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise Limited
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-0297-V2.97
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE
Price: USD2 .99-7.99 per piece
Packaging Details: VACUUM
Delivery Time: 8-9 WORKING DAY
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE PER MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Board Material: Polyimide 50µm Board Thickness: 0.20 Mm
Surface/Inner Layer Cu Thickness: 35 µm Surface Finish: Immersion Gold
Coverlay Colour: Yellow Color Of Silkscreen: White
Function: 100% Pass Electrical Test Number Of Layers: 2

RO4835 High Frequency PCB: Unleashing Stellar Performance


Hey folks! Today, we're going to delve into the amazing world of high-frequency PCBs. We'll be talking about a real game-changer called RO4835, a thermoset laminate developed by the geniuses at Rogers Corporation. This bad boy is designed to revolutionize your high-temperature applications and deliver mind-blowing performance. So, let's buckle up and explore the awesomeness of RO4835 together!


RO4835: A Superstar in the High-Frequency Scene:
Alright, imagine this: traditional laminate materials like FR-4 tend to oxidize over time and temperature, causing some not-so-great changes in dielectric properties. But fret not! RO4835 is here to save the day. This laminate is like the superhero of oxidation resistance, ensuring your circuits stay stable and perform like rockstars.


Unveiling the Mind-Blowing Features of RO4835:
Okay, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and check out the mind-blowing properties that make RO4835 the go-to choice for high-frequency PCB applications:


1. Mind-Boggling Dielectric Performance:
RO4835 boasts a process dielectric constant (DK) of 3.48±0.05 at 10 GHz and 23℃. But hold on tight because it gets even better! It rocks a design DK of 3.66, covering a wide frequency range of 8-40 GHz. And guess what? The dissipation factor is ridiculously low at 0.0037 at 10 GHz and 23℃, making sure your signals stay strong and losses stay minimal.


2. Temperature Stability That's Out of This World:
RO4835 laughs in the face of extreme temperatures. With a thermal coefficient of dielectric constant (TCDk) of +50 ppm/℃ from -100℃ to 150℃, this laminate can handle the heat like a boss. No matter what crazy temperatures you throw at it, it'll keep performing like a champ.


3. Electrical and Mechanical Strength That Will Blow Your Mind:
RO4835 isn't just about looks; it's got some serious muscle too. With an incredible electrical strength of 30.2 Kv/mm (755 v/mil), it's like the Hulk of insulation. And check out these numbers: tensile modulus of 7780 MPa (1128 kpsi), tensile strength of 136 MPa (19.7 kpsi), and flexural strength of 186 MPa (27 kpsi). Yeah, it's strong. Really strong.


4. Rock-Solid Stability and Reliability:
RO4835 is as reliable as your favorite old pair of sneakers. It boasts excellent dimensional stability, with a shift of less than 0.5 mm/m (mils/inch) after etching and exposure at 150℃. Precision circuit processing? No problem! Reliable plated through holes? Absolutely!


5. The Heat Is On:
When it comes to high temperatures, RO4835 is in its element. With a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of over 280℃ and a decomposition temperature (Td) soaring up to 390℃, it's like a fire-breathing dragon that thrives in the hottest environments.


6. More Goodies:
But wait, there's more! RO4835 also boasts a thermal conductivity of 0.66 W/m/K at 80℃, a moisture absorption rate of only 0.05% after 48 hours at 50℃ (not a fan of humidity), and a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating. Plus, it plays nice with lead-free processes. Can't ask for much more, right?


Our RO4835 PCB Superpowers:
At Bicheng, we've harnessed the incredible powers of RO4835 to create top-quality PCB solutions. Here's a taste of what we can do:


  • Flexibility Galore:

We offer single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, and hybrid PCB options. No matter how complex your design dreams are, we've got your back.

  • Copper Galore:

Choose between ED copper and reverse treated copper (RTC) to suit your PCB's needs. We've got options, my friend!

  • Thickness That Suits You:

We've got a range of dielectric thicknesses for both ED copper and RTC copper. Whatever thickness floats your boat, we've got you covered.

  • Size Matters:

Our PCBs can stretch up to 400mm x 500mm. Whether you want a single board or a panel packed with various designs, we've got you covered.

  • Colors and Protection, Oh My:

Take your pick from solder mask colors like green, black, blue, yellow, red, and even purple. And for that extra pad protection, we offer immersion gold, HASL, immersion silver, immersion tin, bare copper, OSP, and pure gold. We've got all the options to make your PCB shine!



Experience the Power of RO4835 PCBs:
To give you a taste of what RO4835 can do, let's imagine a 60mil RO4835 PCB designed for some serious point-to-point microwave action. We're talking immersion gold plating and all the bells and whistles. This example just scratches the surface of what RO4835 can do. It's perfect for automotive radars and sensors, power amplifiers, phased array radars, and various RF components. The sky's the limit!


RO4835 is like the rockstar of high-frequency PCBs. Its stability, performance, and reliability are off the charts. With its resistance to oxidation, mind-blowing dielectric properties, temperature stability, electrical and mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and high-temperature performance, it's the ultimate choice for demanding electronic designs.


At Bicheng, we've harnessed the power of RO4835 to deliver top-quality PCB solutions. Our flexible layer counts, copper options, dielectric thicknesses, and customizable solder mask and pad protection ensure your PCBs are tailor-made for your wildest dreams.



Our PCB Capability (RO4835)


Property RO4835 Direction Units Condition Test Method
Dielectric Constant,εProcess 3.48±0.05 Z - 10 GHz/23℃ IPC-TM-650 Clamped Stripline
Dielectric Constant,εDesign 3.66 Z - 8 to 40 GHz Differential Phase Length Method
Dissipation Factortan,δ 0.0037 Z - 10 GHz/23℃ IPC-TM-650
Thermal Coefficient of ε +50 Z ppm/℃ -100℃to 150℃ IPC-TM-650
Volume Resistivity 5 x 108   MΩ.cm COND A IPC-TM-650
Surface Resistivity 7 x108   COND A IPC-TM-650
Electrical Strength 30.2(755) Z Kv/mm(v/mil)   IPC-TM-650
Tensile Modulus 7780(1128) Y MPa(kpsi) RT ASTM D 638
Tensile Strength 136(19.7) Y MPa(kpsi) RT ASTM D 638
Flexural Strength 186 (27)   Mpa (kpsi)   IPC-TM-650 2.4.4
Dimensional Stability <0.5 X,Y mm/m
after etch+E2/150℃ IPC-TM-650 2.4.39A
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10
ppm/℃ -55℃to288℃ IPC-TM-650 2.4.41
Tg >280   ℃ TMA A IPC-TM-650
Td 390   ℃ TGA   ASTM D 3850
Thermal Conductivity 0.66   W/m/oK 80℃ ASTM C518
Moisture Absorption 0.05   % 48hrs immersion 0.060"
sample Temperature 50℃
ASTM D 570
Density 1.92   gm/cm3 23℃ ASTM D 792
Copper Peel Stength 0.88 (5.0)   N/mm (pli) after solder float 1 oz.
EDC Foil
IPC-TM-650 2.4.8
Flammability V-0       UL 94
Lead-free Process Compatible Yes        



So, go ahead and experience the mind-blowing properties of RO4835. Let it take your high-frequency applications to a whole new level. Get in touch with us at [Your Company Name] to see how RO4835 can unleash the full potential of your PCB projects.


Thanks for hanging out with us, and get ready to rock with RO4835!


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