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Rogers RO4730G3 is hydrocarbon / ceramic / woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates

Rogers RO4730G3 is hydrocarbon / ceramic / woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates

  • Rogers RO4730G3 is hydrocarbon / ceramic / woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates
  • Rogers RO4730G3 is hydrocarbon / ceramic / woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates
Rogers RO4730G3 is hydrocarbon / ceramic / woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-0256-V2.56
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 2.99-6.99 PER PIECE
Packaging Details: Vacuum
Delivery Time: 5-6 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 45000 pieces per month
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Detailed Product Description
Number Of Layers: 2 Glass Epoxy: Polyimide (PI) 25um
Final Foil: 1 Oz Final Height Of PCB: 0.15 Mm ±10%
Surface Finish: Immersion Gold Solder Mask Color: Yellow
Colour Of Component Legend: No Test: 100% Electrical Test Prior Shipment

Rogers RO4730G3 Antenna Grade Laminates: Unleashing Peak Performance

Rogers RO4730G3 is a series of hydrocarbon/ceramic/woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates, offering a dependable and affordable alternative to traditional PTFE-based laminates. These laminates are specifically designed to provide excellent antenna performance, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of applications. With compatibility with FR-4 and lead-free solder processing, RO4730G3 laminates simplify manufacturing processes without compromising on performance.


Impressive Dielectric Performance:
RO4730G3 laminates exude remarkable dielectric characteristics that pave the way for optimal antenna performance. With a dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.0 +/- 0.05 at 10GHz, these laminates ensure unfaltering signal transmission and precise impedance control. The low dissipation factor of 0.0028 at 10GHz efficiently curbs energy loss, facilitating swift and efficient signal propagation. These properties position RO4730G3 laminates as the go-to choice for high-frequency applications that thrive on unwavering signal integrity.



  • Dielectric Constant (Dk): With a Dk of 3.0 +/- 0.05 at 10GHz, RO4730G3 laminates ensure reliable signal transmission and optimal antenna performance.
  • Low Dissipation Factor: The laminates exhibit a low dissipation factor of 0.0028 at 10GHz, minimizing energy loss and maintaining signal integrity.
  • Thermal Stability: RO4730G3 laminates possess a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of >280°C, ensuring stability and reliability even under demanding thermal conditions.
  • Dimensional Stability: The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is matched to copper, reducing stress and ensuring consistent performance over a wide temperature range.
  • Low Insertion Loss: These laminates provide low loss dielectric with low profile foil, resulting in reduced Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and minimal insertion loss.
  • Lightweight Design: RO4730G3 laminates are approximately 30% lighter than PTFE/glass alternatives, offering design flexibility and ease of assembly.
  • Consistent Performance: The low TCDk (Thermal Coefficient of Dielectric Constant) of <40 ppm/°C ensures that the circuit maintains consistent performance across varying temperatures.
  • Environmentally Friendly: With lead-free process compatibility and RoHS compliance, RO4730G3 laminates support environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

PCB Stackup and Construction Details:

  • RO4730G3 is suitable for 2-layer rigid PCBs, and its construction details are as follows:
  • Copper Layer 1: 35 μm
  • Rogers RO4730G3 Core: 0.508 mm (20mil)
  • Copper Layer 2: 35 μm
  • Finished Board Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Finished Cu Weight: 1oz (1.4 mils) outer layers
  • Surface Finish: Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG)
  • Solder Mask: Green (Top and Bottom)
  • Silkscreen: No (Top and Bottom)
  • Via Plating Thickness: 20 μm
  • Electrical Testing: 100% electrical test performed prior to shipment


Unmatched Thermal Stability:
In the realm of antenna design, thermal stability reigns supreme, and RO4730G3 laminates hold their ground in this regard. Sporting a high glass transition temperature (Tg) surpassing 280°C, these laminates stand tall against elevated temperatures without compromising performance. Aligning its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) with copper, RO4730G3 laminates alleviate stress and guarantee dimensional stability, even when faced with arduous thermal environments. Designers can confidently rely on RO4730G3 laminates to consistently deliver peak performance across varying temperature ranges.


Ease of Use and Manufacturing Efficiency:
RO4730G3 laminates bring forth substantial advantages in terms of compatibility and manufacturing ease. Their seamless integration with conventional FR-4 and high-temperature lead-free solder processing streamlines production processes, ushering in enhanced efficiency on the manufacturing floor. Unlike their traditional PTFE-based counterparts, RO4730G3 laminates eliminate the need for specialized treatment during plated through-hole preparation, resulting in saved time and resources. These features synergistically contribute to improved manufacturing efficiency and cost optimization.


Unleashing Design Flexibility:
Weighing in approximately 30% lighter than PTFE/glass alternatives, RO4730G3 laminates unlock newfound design flexibility for antenna engineers. This lightweight attribute empowers designers to fashion antennas that are nimble, compact, and high-performing, all without compromising performance standards. Complemented by the laminates' unwavering dimensional stability and seamless compatibility with automated assembly processes, the possibilities for innovative and efficient antenna systems expand exponentially.


Consistent Circuit Performance:
RO4730G3 laminates ensure unwavering circuit performance, thanks to their low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant (TCDk) measuring in at less than 40 ppm/°C. This guarantees the electrical properties of the laminates remain steadfast despite temperature variations, instilling confidence in the reliability and predictability of their performance in demanding applications.

Rogers RO4730G3 antenna grade laminates epitomize exceptional performance characteristics that make them an ideal choice for antenna applications. With their impressive dielectric properties, unwavering thermal stability, seamless compatibility, and consistent circuit performance, RO4730G3 laminates empower designers to construct antenna systems that embody peak performance while remaining cost-effective. Be it optimizing signal transmission, safeguarding against thermal challenges, or enabling design fluidity, RO4730G3 laminates have cemented their reputation as a steadfast and dependable solution for antenna engineers across the globe.




Rogers RO4730G3 is hydrocarbon / ceramic / woven glass UL 94 V-0 antenna grade laminates 0


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