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PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers

PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers

  • PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers
  • PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers
PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bicheng Technologies Limited
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-0010-V0.49
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 9.99-99.99
Packaging Details: Vacuum
Delivery Time: 10 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50000 pieces per month
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Detailed Product Description
Number Of Layers: 2 Glass Epoxy: PTFE F4B
Final Foil: 1 Oz Final Height Of PCB: 1.0 Mm ±10%
Surface Finish: OSP Solder Mask Color: NO
Colour Of Component Legend: NO Test: 100% Electrical Test Prior Shipment


PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers

(Printed Circuit Boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)


Polytetrafluoroethylene (Short for PTFE), commonly known as "plastic king ", is a polymer compound made of tetrafluoroethylene by polymerization. It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication and non-viscosity, electrical insulation and good aging resistance. Used as engineering plastic, it can be made into PTFE tube, rod, belt, plate, film and so on. Generally it’s used in high performance requirements of corrosion-resistant pipes, containers, pumps, valves as well as radar, high-frequency communication equipment, radio equipment.


PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers 0


Polytetrafluoroethylene (F4,PTFE) has a series of excellent performance:

1. high temperature resistance: long-term use temperature 200~260 degrees Celsius.

2. low temperature resistance: still soft at -100 degrees Celsius;

3. corrosion resistance: resistant aqua regia and all organic solvents;

4. climate resistance: best aging life in plastics;

5. high lubrication: with the smallest friction coefficient in plastics (0.04);

6. Non-viscous: with minimal surface tension in solid materials without adhering to any substance;

7. non-toxic: with physiological inertness;

8. excellent electrical properties, ideal for C class of insulating materials, a thick layer of stack of newspaper can block 1500 V of high voltage;

9. smoother than ice.


F4BM-1/2 is laminated by laying up of varnished glass cloth with Teflon resin, according to the scientific formulation and strict technology process. This product takes some advantages over F4B series in the electrical performance(wider range of dielectric constant,lower dielectric loss angle tangent,increased resistance,and more stability of performance)


At RF and Microwave frequencies, the dielectric constant of PTFE materials is as low as 3.5 or below, which keeps strong signal during transmission across PCB, making them ideal for overcoming the high speed limitation of FR-4.


PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers 1


Our PCB Capability

PCB Material: Fibre glass coated PTFE
Code: F4BM-1/2 (family series)
Dielectric constant: 2.2, 2.55, 2.65, 3.0 and 3.5
Layer count: 1 Layer, 2 Layers and multi-layer
Copper weight: 0.5oz (17 µm), 1oz (35µm), 2oz (70µm), 3oz (105µm)
PCB thickness: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 12.0mm
PCB size: ≤400mm X 500mm
Solder mask: Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red etc.
Surface finish: Bare copper, HASL, ENIG, Silver, OSP,etc.


PCB Specifications

PCB SIZE 100 x 100mm=1PCS
BOARD TYPE Double sided PCB
Number of Layers 2 layers
Surface Mount Components YES
Through Hole Components NO
LAYER STACKUP copper ------- 35um(1 oz)+plate TOP layer
copper ------- 35um(1oz) + plate BOT Layer
Minimum Trace and Space: 10 mil / 10 mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes: 0.4 mm / 0.4 mm
Number of Different Holes: 1
Number of Drill Holes: 1
Number of Milled Slots: 0
Number of Internal Cutouts: 0
Impedance Control: no
Number of Gold finger: 0
Glass Epoxy: PTFE F4B DK 2.2
Final foil external: 1oz
Final foil internal: N/A
Final height of PCB: 1.0 mm ±10%
Surface Finish OSP
Solder Mask Apply To: no
Solder Mask Color: no
Solder Mask Type: no
Side of Component Legend NO
Colour of Component Legend NO
Manufacturer Name or Logo: Marked on the board in a conductor and leged FREE AREA
VIA Non-Plated through hole(PTH), minimum size 0.4mm.
Outline dimension: 0.0059"
Board plating: 0.0029"
Drill tolerance: 0.002"
TEST 100% Electrical Test prior shipment
TYPE OF ARTWORK TO BE SUPPLIED email file, Gerber RS-274-X, PCBDOC etc
SERVICE AREA Worldwide, Globally.


Electrical Properties of F4B PTFE

Name Test condition Unit Value
Density Normal state g/ cm3 2.12.35
Moisture Absorption Dip in the distilled water of 20±2℃ for 24 hours % ≤0.02
Operating Temperature High-low temperature chamber -50℃~+260
Thermal Conductivity   W/m/k 0.8
CTE (typical) 0~100℃ (εr :2.1~2.3) ppm/℃ 25(x)
CTE (typical) 0~100℃ (εr :2.3~2.9) ppm/℃ 14(x)
CTE (typical) 0~100℃ (εr :2.9~3.5) ppm/℃ 12(x)
Shrinkage Factor 2 hours in boiling water % 0.0002
Surface Resistivity 500V DC Normal state M·Ω ≥1×104
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1×103
Volume Resistivity Normal state MΩ.cm ≥1×106
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1×105
Pin Resistance 500V DC Normal state ≥1×105
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1×103
Surface dielectric strength Normal state d=1mm(Kv/mm) ≥1.2
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1.1
Dielectric Constant 10GHZ εr 2.20,2.55,2.65,3.0,3.5
Dissipation Factor 10GHZ tgδ 2.2 ≤7×10-4
2.55~2.65 ≤1×10-3
3.0~3.5 ≤1.5×10-3
PTFE High Frequency PCB On DK2.2 Dual Layer Cheap RF PTFE PCB for Couplers 2


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