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Rogers RO3010 PCB Double Sided ceramic-filled PTFE PCB thickness 2.7mm with HASL

Rogers RO3010 PCB Double Sided ceramic-filled PTFE PCB thickness 2.7mm with HASL

  • Rogers RO3010 PCB Double Sided ceramic-filled PTFE PCB thickness 2.7mm with HASL
  • Rogers RO3010 PCB Double Sided ceramic-filled PTFE PCB thickness 2.7mm with HASL
Rogers RO3010 PCB Double Sided ceramic-filled PTFE PCB thickness 2.7mm with HASL
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise Limited
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-0337-V3.32
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE
Price: USD2 .99-9.99 per piece
Packaging Details: VACUUM
Delivery Time: 8-9 WORKING DAY
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE PER MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Board Material: PI, PET Board Thickness: 0.03mm-3.0mm
Surface/Inner Layer Cu Thickness: 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz Surface Finish: Immersion Gold, Immersion Sliver, Immersion Tin
Coverlay Colour: Yellow, White, Black, Green Color Of Silkscreen: Yellow, White, Black, Green
Function: 100% Pass Electrical Test Number Of Layers: Single Layer, Doulbe Layer, Multilayer, Rigid-Flex

The PCB material is composed of Rogers RO3010, known for its excellent dielectric properties. It boasts a dielectric constant of 10.2+/- .30 at 10 GHz/23°C, ensuring efficient signal transmission. Additionally, it offers a low dissipation factor of 0.0022 at 10 GHz/23°C, minimizing signal loss. With a high thermal decomposition temperature (Td> 500°C), it can withstand elevated temperatures and maintain its integrity.


One of the standout features of this PCB material is its low X, Y, and Z axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 13, 11, and 16 ppm/°C, respectively. This ensures exceptional dimensional stability, with the expansion coefficient matched to copper, reducing the risk of warping or damage due to temperature changes. The material's stability makes it an ideal choice for use with multi-layer board designs.


Our PCB is constructed as a 2-layer rigid board with copper layers of 35 μm thickness, sandwiching the Rogers RO3010 substrate, which is 50mil (1.27mm) thick. The stackup is carefully engineered to provide optimal electrical performance and reliability. The finished board thickness is 2.7mm, and the finished copper weight is 1 oz (1.4 mils) on the outer layers. Via plating thickness is 20 μm, ensuring robust and reliable connections.


Construction Details Description
Board Dimensions 32mm x 32mm (1PCS)
Minimum Trace/Space 5/5 mils
Minimum Hole Size 0.45mm
Blind Vias No
Finished Board Thickness 2.7mm
Finished Cu Weight 1 oz (1.4 mils) outer layers
Via Plating Thickness 20 μm
Surface Finish Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL)
Top Silkscreen No
Bottom Silkscreen No
Top Solder Mask No
Bottom Solder Mask No


The PCB boasts a compact size, measuring 32mm x 32mm, making it suitable for applications with space constraints. It features a minimum trace/space of 5/5 mils and a minimum hole size of 0.45mm. While there are no blind vias, it offers excellent connectivity with a total of 2 vias and 2 nets. The surface finish is Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL), providing a protective layer and ensuring solderability.


Rest assured, our PCBs undergo rigorous quality testing. Each board undergoes a 100% electrical test prior to shipment, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. We adhere to IPC-Class-2 standards, guaranteeing the quality and consistency of our products.


Pros of the Product:

  • High-quality material with excellent dielectric properties and dimensional stability.
  • Superior performance with efficient signal transmission and reduced signal loss.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, ensuring dimensional stability and compatibility with copper.
  • Reliable construction with precise stackup and rigorous testing for high quality and reliability.
  • Wide range of applications, suitable for automotive radar, satellite antennas, cellular telecommunications systems, wireless communications, and power backplanes.
  • Worldwide availability ensures accessibility for customers across different regions.

Cons of the Product:

  • Limited layer count as a 2-layer rigid board, may not be suitable for complex designs requiring higher layer counts.
  • Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL) surface finish may not be ideal for fine-pitch components or advanced assembly techniques.
  • Lack of top and bottom silkscreen and solder mask layers, which could impact visual clarity and component placement for some applications.


With worldwide availability, our PCBs have found applications in various industries.

  • automotive radar
  • global positioning satellite antennas
  • cellular telecommunications systems
  • wireless communications
  • direct broadcast satellites
  • remote meter readers
  • and power backplanes


For any technical inquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to Sally Mao at We are committed to providing exceptional customer support and addressing your specific requirements.



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