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CER-10 PCB 2-layer 62mil base on DK-10 Laminate with Black Solder Mask Coating Immersion Gold

CER-10 PCB 2-layer 62mil base on DK-10 Laminate with Black Solder Mask Coating Immersion Gold

  • CER-10 PCB 2-layer 62mil base on DK-10 Laminate with Black Solder Mask Coating Immersion Gold
CER-10 PCB 2-layer 62mil base on DK-10 Laminate with Black Solder Mask Coating Immersion Gold
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-287-V2.87
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 2.99-9.99 PER PIECE
Packaging Details: Vacuum
Delivery Time: 10 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 45000 pieces per month
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Detailed Product Description
Number Of Layers: 4 Board Material: Polyimide 25µm
Surface Cu Thickness: 1.0 Board Thickness: 0.25 Mm +/-10%
Surface Finish: Immersion Gold Solder Mask Color: Yellow/Black
Colour Of Component Legend: White Test: 100% Electrical Test Prior Shipment

Taconic Introduces CER-10: A Game-Changing Organic-Ceramic DK-10 Laminate for High-Performance PCBs



Taconic is proud to unveil its latest innovation, CER-10, an organic-ceramic DK-10 laminate engineered to revolutionize PCB technology. By combining ceramic fill technology and coated PTFE fiberglass, CER-10 surpasses expectations with exceptional interlaminar bond strength, solder resistance, and consistent electrical properties. In this article, we explore the remarkable features, benefits, PCB stack-up, construction details, and typical applications of this groundbreaking laminate.


Unmatched Features

CER-10 boasts an impressive array of features that position it as the go-to choice for demanding PCB applications. With a Dk of 10 at 10GHz, CER-10 ensures reliable signal integrity, while its dissipation factor of .0035 at 10GHz minimizes signal loss. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is precisely matched to copper, preventing stress-related issues. Additionally, CER-10 exhibits a thermal conductivity of 0.63 W/mk, facilitating efficient heat dissipation and enabling optimal performance even in thermally challenging environments. With a low moisture absorption of 0.02%, CER-10 guarantees outstanding dimensional stability, and its dielectric breakdown strength of 44 kV ensures robust insulation properties.


Incredible Benefits

Utilizing CER-10 in PCB designs offers a multitude of advantages. The exceptional interlaminar bond strength ensures reliable performance, while the low moisture absorption maintains dimensional stability across diverse environmental conditions. The enhanced dimensional stability of CER-10 allows for precise circuit fabrication and consistent results. Its low Z-axis expansion (CTE 46 ppm/°C) ensures reliable plated-through-hole performance, even in extreme thermal environments. The stable DK over frequency enables seamless signal transmission, making it an ideal choice for high-frequency applications. Furthermore, CER-10 facilitates circuit miniaturization with its excellent electrical properties, and its increased flexural strength enhances PCB durability.


PCB Stack-Up and Construction Details

CER-10 is specifically designed for 2-layer rigid PCBs, providing a reliable and efficient solution. The PCB stack-up consists of copper_layer_1 with a thickness of 35 μm, a CER-10 Core measuring 1.575 mm (62mil), and copper_layer_2, also 35 μm thick.

The construction details of the PCB using CER-10 are as follows: The board dimensions are 73.2mm x 36.44mm, with a tolerance of +/- 0.15mm. The minimum trace/space requirement is 5/5 mils, and the minimum hole size is 0.4mm. The finished board thickness is 1.65mm, with a finished copper weight of 1oz (1.4 mils) on outer layers. Via plating thickness is 20 μm, and the surface finish is immersion tin. The top silkscreen is in black, while the bottom silkscreen is absent. The PCB undergoes 100% electrical testing before shipment, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.


Impressive PCB Statistics

The CER-10-based PCB exhibits an impressive statistical profile. It comprises 14 components, 28 pads, 17 thru-hole pads, and 11 top surface-mount technology (SMT) pads. With 16 vias and 2 nets, the PCB design demonstrates versatility and adaptability to various circuit requirements.

Artwork and Quality Standard

CER-10 is compatible with Gerber RS-274-X format artwork, ensuring seamless integration into the manufacturing process. The laminate adheres to the IPC-Class-2 quality standard, guaranteeing reliable performance and conformity to industry benchmarks.

Global Availability and Typical Applications

CER-10 is readily available worldwide, providing accessibility for PCB projects across the globe. Its exceptional properties make it ideal for numerous applications, including power amplifiers, filters and couplers, and passive components. With CER-10, optimal performance and reliability are within reach, empowering engineers to push the boundaries of their designs.


Taconic's CER-10 organic-ceramic DK-10 laminate stands at the forefront of PCB innovation. With its unrivaled features such as interlaminar bond strength, low moisture absorption, and dimensional stability, CER-10 redefines the capabilities of PCB technology. Offering global availability, adherence to quality standards, and impressive performance, CER-10 paves the way for advanced and reliable PCB designs across industries. Embrace the power of CER-10 and unlock new possibilities for your next PCB project.


CER-10 PCB 2-layer 62mil base on DK-10 Laminate with Black Solder Mask Coating Immersion Gold 0


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