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F4BTMS350 2-layer rigid PCB 6.35mm Thick with Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL)

F4BTMS350 2-layer rigid PCB 6.35mm Thick with Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL)

  • F4BTMS350 2-layer rigid PCB 6.35mm Thick with Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL)
F4BTMS350 2-layer rigid PCB 6.35mm Thick with Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL)
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-277-V2.77
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 2.99-9.99 PER PIECE
Packaging Details: Vacuum
Delivery Time: 10 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 45000 pieces per month
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Detailed Product Description
Number Of Layers: 1 Board Material: Polyimide 25µm
Surface Cu Thickness: 1.0 Board Thickness: 0.15 Mm +/-10%
Surface Finish: Immersion Gold Solder Mask Color: Yellow
Colour Of Component Legend: White Test: 100% Electrical Test Prior Shipment

Unveiling the F4BTMS Series: Ushering in a New Era of High Frequency PCB Excellence


Presenting the highly anticipated F4BTMS series, a quantum leap forward from its predecessor, the F4BTM series. This cutting-edge collection of high frequency printed circuit boards (PCBs) encompasses groundbreaking advancements in material formulation and manufacturing techniques, setting unprecedented benchmarks in terms of material performance and dielectric constants. With a fortified composition comprising an optimal blend of ceramics and ultra-thin, ultra-fine glass fiber cloth reinforcement, the F4BTMS series emerges as a paragon of reliability, poised to supplant similar foreign offerings across the aerospace sector.


Through the seamless integration of ultra-thin glass fiber cloth and the strategic dispersion of nano-ceramics within a polytetrafluoroethylene resin matrix, the F4BTMS series adeptly mitigates the deleterious effects of glass fiber on electromagnetic wave propagation. The result is a remarkable reduction in dielectric loss, augmented dimensional stability, and a notable decrease in X/Y/Z anisotropy. Moreover, this innovative material formulation expands the usable frequency range, fortifies electrical strength, and enhances thermal conductivity, while simultaneously exhibiting exceptional low thermal expansion coefficients and steadfast dielectric temperature characteristics.


At the heart of the F4BTMS series lies the inclusion of RTF (Reduced Transmission Force) low roughness copper foil as a standard feature. This critical addition ensures significant reduction in conductor loss and endows the PCBs with exceptional peel strength. Furthermore, the series offers unparalleled versatility and ease of integration due to its compatibility with both copper and aluminum bases, accommodating a wide range of design requirements.


Key Features of F4BTMS350:

Boasts a dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.5 at 10GHz, guaranteeing optimized signal performance.
Exhibits an impressively low dissipation factor of .0016 at 10GHz, .0019 at 20GHz, and .0024 at 20GHz, ensuring minimal energy loss during signal transmission.
Demonstrates exceptional dimensional stability with a CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) x-axis of 10 ppm/°C, CTE y-axis of 12 ppm/°C, and CTE z-axis of 20 ppm/°C (-55°C to 288°C), making it ideal for applications subjected to varying temperature conditions.
Features a low thermal coefficient of Dk at -39 ppm/°C (-55°C to 150°C), enabling reliable performance across a wide temperature range.
Boasts a high thermal conductivity of 0.6 W/mk, effectively dissipating heat and ensuring optimal thermal management.
Exhibits a minimal moisture absorption rate of 0.03%, guaranteeing stability and reliability in humid environments.

PCB Stackup:

Comprises a 2-layer rigid PCB configuration, offering a balance between functionality and design flexibility.
Copper_layer_1 boasts a thickness of 35 μm, ensuring robust signal transmission.
The F4BTMS350 Core measures 6.35 mm (250mil), providing ample space for intricate circuitry and design requirements.
Copper_layer_2, with a thickness of 35 μm, further enhances signal integrity and conductivity.

PCB Construction Details:

  • Boasts compact board dimensions of 76mm x 76mm (1PCS, +/- 0.15mm), catering to diverse design constraints.
  • Minimum Trace/Space of 6/7 mils enables intricate routing and layout designs.
  • Minimum Hole Size of 1.5mm facilitates component mounting and connectivity options.
  • Absence of Blind vias ensures simplicity and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing.
  • Finished board thickness measures 6.42mm, striking a balance between durability and weight considerations.
  • Outer layer Cu weight of 1oz (1.4 mils) guarantees robust electrical connectivity and stability.
  • Via plating thickness of 20 μm enhances signal transfer and reliability.
  • Surface finish employs the widely adopted Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) method, ensuring ease of soldering and compatibility with various assembly processes.
  • The absence of top and bottom silkscreen and solder mask layers streamlines the manufacturing process while maintaining cost efficiency.
  • Rigorous 100% electrical testing is conducted prior to shipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and quality assurance.

Additional PCB Statistics:

  • Accommodates 22 components, offering versatility for diverse applications.
  • Boasts a total of 25 pads, providing ample connectivity options.
  • Includes 14 Thru Hole Pads and 11 Top SMT Pads, catering to a range of component mounting requirements.
  • No Bottom SMT Pads, ensuring simplicity and ease of assembly.
  • Features 27 vias, facilitating efficient signal routing and interconnection.
  • Supports 2 nets, enabling seamless signal flow and integration.
  • Artwork supplied in Gerber RS-274-X format, adhering to the industry-standard quality standard of IPC-Class-2. The F4BTMS series is readily available forglobal distribution, catering to the needs of customers worldwide.


Some Typical Applications:
The F4BTMS series finds immense value across a wide spectrum of applications, particularly in the aerospace domain. It serves as an indispensable component in aerospace equipment, space and cabin equipment, microwave and RF systems, military radar, feed networks, phase-sensitive antennas, phased array antennas, satellite communications, and more. The series' advanced capabilities and unwavering reliability position it as the preferred choice for demanding high-frequency applications, where optimal performance and durability are paramount.


In conclusion, the F4BTMS series ushers in a new era of excellence in high-frequency PCB technology. With its unrivaled material performance, expanded range of dielectric constants, and unwavering reliability, it caters to a diverse array of industries and applications. The series ensures exceptional performance and durability in the face of challenging environments, making it the ultimate solution for high-frequency applications that demand nothing short of perfection.

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F4BTMS350 2-layer rigid PCB 6.35mm Thick with Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL) 0
F4BTMS350 2-layer rigid PCB 6.35mm Thick with Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL) 1

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