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Driving the Future: PCB Industry Soars with New Energy Vehicles and AI

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China Shenzhen Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Shenzhen Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Kevin, Received and tested the boards - thanks very much. These are perfect, exactly what we needed. rgds Rich

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Ruth, I got the PCB today, and they are just perfect. Please stay a little patience, my next order is coming soon. Kind regards from Hamburg Olaf

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Hi Natalie. It was perfect, I attach some pictures for your reference. And I send you next 2 projects to budget. Thanks a lot again

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Kevin, Thanks, they were perfectly made, and work well. As promised, here are the links for my latest project, using the PCBs you manufactured for me:

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Company News
Driving the Future: PCB Industry Soars with New Energy Vehicles and AI
Latest company news about Driving the Future: PCB Industry Soars with New Energy Vehicles and AI

Since last year, PCB manufacturers have faced significant operating pressure due to the weakened demand of downstream markets such as consumer electronics and the "inner rolls" of the industry. However, with the sales performance of the Huawei asked M7 far exceeding the market expectations, the large-scale quantity from September 12th to October 6th exceeded 50,000 units. The PCB industry as the "mother of electronic products" re-attracted market attention. At this stage, with the sustainable development of automotive electrification and intelligence, the demand for bicycles PCB has gradually increased, which has also created a strong boost for the PCB industry to rise from the trough and enter the new growth stage.


Securities Market Weekly Analyst Qiu Yan pointed out: Although the PCB industry is in a relatively sluggish state, as the computing power infrastructure market represented by the AI ​​server has erupted rapidly, and the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry in the background of carbon neutral and background, It is expected to bring a new round of growth cycle to the PCB industry.


The booming development of new energy vehicles has also led to the gradual increase in consumers' expectations for vehicle battery life and performance. Among them, improving battery life and fast charging are the key. However, the energy density of the amplification battery pack and the optimized battery can increase the battery life of the vehicle, but the demand for the amount of PCB boards will also increase. In addition, battery thermal management and current voltage monitoring also face higher challenges, which further promotes PCB products to a higher technical level.


In addition, the intelligent transformation of cars has also increased the needs of various sensors, controllers and electronic components, and the foundation and connection core of these key components are closely related to PCB. For example, the advancement of autonomous driving technology will increase the demand for millimeter wave radar, while high -frequency PCB is its core material, accounting for about 10%of the total cost. In addition, the needs of cameras, ultrasonic radar and lidar will increase due to the popularization of new energy vehicles. Among them, lidar is expected to compound an annual compound annual growth rate of 90%of the market size of 2021-2030. The above multiple factors have injected strong development driving force for the PCB market.

In 2022, mainland China led the global PCB industry with more than half of its market share. According to PRISMARK's data prediction, by 2026, China's PCB market size is expected to reach US $ 54.6 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.81%. With the rapid progress of new energy vehicles and AI, the demand for the PCB market is gradually rising. Major PCB manufacturers are also actively expanding the production size in order to seize this rare development opportunity:


Shengyi Electronics (688183.SH) announced that the board of directors decided to invest in a new printed circuit board production base in Thailand on the basis of full investigation and evaluation of the lower cost of overseas and the more sound regions of the electronic information industry chain. The project's planned investment amount is about 100 million US dollars, including but not limited to setting up companies in Thailand, purchasing land, and purchasing fixed assets. The actual investment amount is subject to the approval amount of China and local authorities. The company will implement the construction of Thai production bases in stages according to market demand and business progress.


In addition, Shengyi Electronics vigorously entered the field of high -end automotive electronics through its Ji'an Phase II project. This strategy is not only aimed at further expanding the company's production capacity in automotive electronic products, but also deepened the company's core competitiveness in the market. At present, the tasks of the second phase of the Ji'an Phase II are promoted in stable and orderly according to the scheduled plan. In the future, with the continuous expansion of the PCB market, Shengyi Electronics is expected to continue to benefit.


Shennan Circuit (002916.SZ) said that the company actively expands production capacity construction, the construction capacity of the second phase of Wuxi substrates has steadily promoted, the production line capacity has been continuously verified and promoted, and it is currently in the stage of capacity climbing. The construction of the Guangzhou packaging substrate project has been promoted smoothly. Among them, the construction of factories and supporting facilities and mechanical and electrical installation projects in the first phase of the plant have been completed. The production equipment has been installed in the factory one after another. It is expected that it will be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2023. The production capacity climb smoothly, and has sufficient growth momentum.


World Canal Circuit (603920.SH) said that the company will deploy new energy vehicles, AI servers and landscape storage sectors in the future. At present, most domestic new energy vehicle companies have been covered, and they will gradually deepen cooperation in the future to obtain more orders. In the field of new energy vehicle PCB, the company is currently gradually developing towards high -end markets. The company's high -frequency high -speed high -speed 3 -order, 4 -order HDI PCB, and HDI hard and hard and hard -hard boards achieve mass production.


Founder Technology (600601.SH) announced that according to the company's PCB business plan, in order to further expand the core competitiveness of the company's PCB in the global high -end HDI product market, optimize the overall business layout of the PCB, and meet the company's existing HDI customers' order production capacity and high The need for level product technology, the company's wholly -owned subsidiary Zhuhai multi -layer plans to invest in the construction of Zhuhai Fangzheng PCB high -end intelligent industrial base second phase of the high -end HDI project. Customers and product orders, and build a professional HDI product line to create a full -process self -made capabilities for high -end HDI products in F7 factory, independently undertake HDI customer batch orders tasks, and cultivate the HDI segment in Zhuhai Gaomi. The planning and design capacity of the second -phase high -end HDI project is 115,000 square feet a monthly output, and it is expected to invest 689.6 million yuan.


All in all, the rapid development of new energy vehicles and AI has brought unprecedented development opportunities for the PCB industry. As PCB companies such as Shengyi Electronics, Shennan Circuit, World Games and Founder Technology, etc.

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