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Rogers IsoClad 917 Nonwoven Fiberglass/PTFE Composites PCBs

Rogers IsoClad 917 Nonwoven Fiberglass/PTFE Composites PCBs

  • Rogers IsoClad 917 Nonwoven Fiberglass/PTFE Composites PCBs
Rogers IsoClad 917 Nonwoven Fiberglass/PTFE Composites PCBs
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Bicheng Enterprise Limited
Certification: UL
Model Number: BIC-0291-V2.91
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE
Price: USD2 .99-7.99 per piece
Packaging Details: VACUUM
Delivery Time: 8-9 WORKING DAY
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE PER MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Board Material: 1.0mm FR-4 / Polyimide 25µm Board Thickness: 1.0 Mm
Surface/Inner Layer Cu Thickness: 35 µm Surface Finish: Immersion Gold
Coverlay Colour: Yellow Coverlay / Green Solder Mask Color Of Silkscreen: White
Function: 100% Pass Electrical Test Number Of Layers: 4

Get ready to revolutionize your electronic projects with the latest innovation in PCB technology - the Rogers IsoClad 917 nonwoven fiberglass/PTFE composites PCBs. These cutting-edge PCBs bring together exceptional performance, advanced features, and unmatched flexibility. In this article, we'll explore the performance, features, applications, advantages, and disadvantages of the Rogers IsoClad 917 PCBs.


Performance Perspective:

The IsoClad 917 substrate delivers industry-leading microwave performance with its extremely low Dk of just 2.17 and loss tangent of 0.0013 at 10GHz. This ultra-low-loss material allows for enhanced efficiency, power and signal integrity in high-speed applications.


Features Perspective:

Beyond its electrical specs, IsoClad 917 offers unique benefits like higher isotropy and dimensional stability compared to woven glass. Its non-woven construction also provides flexibility for bending into complex curved or conformal shapes.


Our 2-layer boards feature a single 31-mil IsoClad 917 core layer sandwiched between two 1oz copper sheets, achieving a finished thickness of only 0.9mm. Clean 5/5 mil trace/spacing and low-profile 20um plated vias maximize routing density.


Measuring 91.5mm x 78mm, each board supports up to 44 components and 78 total pads. Available in production runs of 3 identical boards, they're ideal for prototyping radios, radar, instrumentation and more.


Rogers IsoClad 917 Nonwoven Fiberglass/PTFE Composites PCBs 0


Advantages Perspective:

Key benefits include reduced losses, higher power handling, improved signal propagation, tighter impedance control, smaller circuit size and superior manufacturing repeatability over traditional materials. Production yields are also increased.


The non-woven structure provides key benefits over traditional woven glass, including far greater dimensional stability, higher isotropy in all three axes, and the ability to be bent into complex conformal shapes. This makes our IsoClad 917 boards perfect for applications requiring flex circuitry or wrap-around antenna designs.


Applications Perspective:

Common uses of IsoClad 917 boards include conformal and wraparound antennas, stripline and microstrip circuits, radar and guidance systems. The material's flexibility and ultra-low loss make it well-suited for wireless, aerospace and instrumentation designs.


Disadvantages Perspective:

While performance is top-notch, IsoClad 917 boards require tighter design margins and fabrication tolerances compared to lower-frequency materials. Cost is also higher versus standard epoxy FR-4. The non-woven structure provides less mechanical robustness.


Give your high-frequency design an edge with these cutting-edge IsoClad 917 boards. Our global availability means quick turnaround. As always, our engineers can advise on any customizations too. Contact us today to discuss how we can help enable your next wireless innovation.

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